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The United States Neo-colonialism in Venezuela and the Challenges of Development in the Third World

Considerable works exist on the imperialism of the West in the Third World. The likes of Walter Rodney in his epic work, How Europe Under-developed Africa, Franz Fanon in The Wretched of the Earth, Kwame Nkrumah in Neo-colonialism : The Last Stage of Imperialism and a host of other scholars of the Dependency School have over the decades interrogated the inner dynamics, the propelling forces and the modus operandi of global capital and the attendant virulent and devastating import of the Western Capitalist imperialism and Neo-colonialism on the hapless developing nations whose decadent and annexationist leadership in cahoot with erstwhile colonial masters continue to hold their people in perpetual bondage of the unholy trinity of poverty, ignorance and disease. But sadly after almost six decades of neo-colonial oppression, Africa is still as underdeveloped and poverty stricken as ever and their continued dependency on their oppressors is getting more entrenched and its seemingly irreversible captivity keeps worsening by the day.

Nigeria’s Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo at a Nigerian Market

If there is anything that will continue to put Africa in the periphery of global affairs and in the limbo of its growing irrelevance and Vulnerability, it will also be the banality and mental slavery of its leadership. And perhaps, a timid and hesitant followership that is unprepared to hold their leaders to account through positive actions but seek solace in religious captivity and subjugation of the ecclesiastical class that in itself is devoid of holiness and purity but in close collaboration with the rotten elite to undermine the progress and transformation of the people. Rather than develop endogenous and realistic economic paradigm that will set them free, they keep experimenting with the neo-liberal principles and the Washington Consensus with the concomitant trappings of backwardness and absolute poverty which are the primary drivers of violent extremism, Islamic fundamentalism and disillusioned citizens who in their mental captivity are sold to despair and helplessness. Expectedly, the handy instrumentality of oppression of the elite is the politicisation of religion, ethnicity and regionalism. Religion deadens their revolutionary propensity and substitutes it with debilitating religiousity that is devoid of moral values and extra-terrestial connect with the supreme deity.

A most delusional Third World leader would be the one that thought the salvation of his country will ever come from outside and in particular from the West. This is so because the development of the Third World and that of the West is mutually exclusive. Nkrumah was very clear on this. The development of the South will always be an infringement on that of the North. If the Third World nations manufacture their cars, electronics, aeroplanes, submarines, B-52 bombers, Pershing ll and cruise missiles who would buy the ones prduced by the United States, Britain, France, Japan, Germany and other developed nations? This is simple common sense. But in spite of the simple logic of knowing that the West could never advance the cause of peace and development of the Third World, a good number of their leaders could still not extricate themselves from their mental and actual dependency on the North.

Nigerian President; Muhammadu Buhari

The futile efforts of President Muhammadu Buhari in working closely with the United States and other Western European nations in repatriating the Nigerian looted funds back to Nigeria epitomises not only the hypocrisy and unreliability of global capital but it draws academic attention to mapping out home grown strategy for the Third World development. But this desire is mined my systemic and entrenched corruption and scholarship of lamentation, primordialism, insularity, ethno-religious polarisation that has thrown rigour, objectivity and empiricism to the winds. This perplexing reality will continue to make Africa and Nigeria in particular a continent and country of the future respectively , perpetually in the periphery of modernity, scientific breakthroughs and sustainable transformation and development.

Venezuela President, Nicolás Maduro; Photo

The on-going American adventure in Venezuela is typical and characteristic of the inner dynamics and logic of global capital. It destabilises other nations in order to advance its own interests. Right for the period of Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan people have realised the age long deceit and hypocrisy of the United States and the West and have given them a cold diplomatic shoulder. The Contradictions in Venezuela are similar to Nigeria’s and other monocultural economies that will always be liable to the vagaries and instability in the global capitalist system. Hence, the collapse of the oil market and the attendant fall in revenues led to massive economic hardship that country that the United States is currently exploiting to destabilise it. Obviously, President Maduro has little room to manoeuvre economically because of the fragile economic base of the country and I doubt if the current imperialist lackeys that the United States is currently supporting will be the to make any difference if they eventually come to power. Any attempt by external forces to topple the government of any nation under any guise is extremely dangerous and must be resisted at all costs. The American power adventurism in Venezuela will continue to be met with failure so long as as the armed forces and other security agencies in that country remain resolute and support the Maduro government.

As for those African leaders who think erroneously that their salvation would come from the West, let them pause for a while and remember Muammar Ghadaffi of Libya, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt and Saddam Hussain of Iraq and realise that any collaboration with the West will always be a bobby trap. I guess North Korea is much smarter than the antics of Donald Trump. To denuclear the Korean Peninsula under any guise is clear recipe for political suicide and the subjugation of the territorial integrity of that country to the whims and caprices of global capital, a mistake they dare not make. Definitely, the salvation of the Third World is its hands-its kleptomaniac and annexationist leadership, docile followership and a heavily fractured scholarship by the forces of ethnicity, religion, regionalism, insularity and repugnant decreasing rigour, objectivity and empiricism.


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