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Nigerian Union Of Journalists (NUJ) Partner Primus Specialist Hospital On Free Medical Check Up For Members

The Nigerian Union of Journalists Federal Capital Territory Chapter partnered Primus Specialist Hospital to give free medical check up to journalists within the area saying journalists must not forget their health while chasing stories.

The Business Development Head, Mr. Navbir Singh, commenting on the partnership said the “NUJ is a very big platform and journalists working here are busy all over from morning to night. I don’t think they have time to check themselves out so we had this partnership for their health issue, we decided to remind them they are also responsible to check their health so we came here to  make them aware of this. Moreover to make them know that we are also here to help them”. 

This would be one of such outreach programmes of the ‘fresh start’ mandate of the present administration and the new crop of the council’s Chairman and Executives. Recall that earlier in August, the NUJ hosted the security town hall meeting as one of its community development centered initiative with stakeholders of the security sector which has since been applauded as laudable.

Speaking on the free medical checkup made possible for journalists, the Chairman of the NUJ FCT chapter, Mr. Emmanuel Ogbeche said “we had over a hundred (100) journalists that have turned out. We hope to turn this into a quarterly programme so I think normally when something is starting there are people that will be skeptical about the programme but I think those that attended today will have good news to tell others and we hope that  more and more journalists will take advantage of the opportunity that has been  offered.”

“There is always a beginning to something new. This is just the first in the history of NUJ to have a medical outreach for its members. We are confident that going forward, the NUJ FCT will be able to hold this regularly. We’ve had few other programmes before now, not on a very large scale like we’ve had for the security town hall meeting. We have had a pre-election training that was sponsored by Media Foundation for West Africa based in Ghana and a post election analysis of what transpired. So we’ve had series of programmes and those two events we had over 100 journalists in attendance and we have also had in-house training programmes here at the NUJ secretatriat but the other ones were outside and our members benefitted. We have several interventions that are ongoing and we are confident that with the goodwill of critical stakeholders we will succeed in our various endeavours”.

“Well journalists work too hard and rarely have time for themselves to check their health status. So we felt it was necessary for us to create an opportunity for our colleagues and journalists in the FCT in general to come and have several tests and determine their health status  and we found a worthy partner in Primus specialist hospital to conduct  general tests, vital statistics for our colleagues, including eye that is why we are here today” he said.

Group of journalists waiting for medical check up

According to a member of the Union, Jossy Mudashiru, Public Relations Officer, department of monitoring and inspection at the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) “The medical outreach is a very welcome development. Infact its an opportunity for some of us that do not regularly find time to go to the hospital to have a medical check up. So it’s a good thing and I hope that we can be having it at maybe four times in a year. The NUJ has done very well. The leadership on board came up with  the slogan of fresh start and  indeed we can see that it is a fresh start because we have never had this type of outreach before. So I will like to congratulate them and tell them to keep on doing the good work they have started.”


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