Over 6.8 million users on Facebook may have their data breached, and  more than 1500 Apps may have been affected when  a bug in Facebook Photo Application caused access for third party applications to have be able to reach unpublished photos of users.

In a recent report from Facebook, this access made it possible for Apps to get both photos which  users already permitted them to access and the ones they were either in the process of publishing but have not or may have stored on their personal posts .

In a recent report, Facebook confirmed that the bug was active for 12 days from September 13th  till September  25th 2018 when it was discovered  and fixed. In its “Facebook for Developers” blog post, Tomer Bar by way of explanation said “We’re sorry this happened. Early next week we will be rolling out tools for app developers that will allow them to determine which people using their app might be impacted by this bug. We will be working with those developers to delete the photos from impacted users.

We will also notify the people potentially impacted by this bug via an alert on Facebook. The notification will direct them to a Help Center link where they’ll be able to see if they’ve used any apps that were affected by the bug.”

Photo Credit: Facebook Photo API Breach Announcement

On the flip side, this is a major issue for Facebook because under the European Union General Data Protection Regulation rules, companies are supposed to disclose data breaches within 72 hour.  Apparently, Facebook did not until November 22nd when it reported the incidence.

Recall that Facebook has come under pressure on regulations since the election scandal owing to the Cambridge Analytica business deals during the United State elections. Following this , he testified before congress in April. Of late, Facebook’s Mark  Zuckerberg has been invited twice by the U.K. lawmakers to speak before  Parliament  but has yet to appear.

While it may not be possible to have information of all the ways and how Facebook collects and uses data from users it remains paramount that users are keen on what tey put out on thesocial media platforms.

However, with respect to this breach, Facebook recommended “people log into any apps with which they have shared their Facebook photos to check which photos they have access to”. It appears that data breaches have gone from rare to ‘frequent recurrence’.





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