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Google’s parent company Alphabet may just be educating you more with their new game aimed to helping you spot elements easier, that indicate you have just received a Phishing email. This may be great news if you have ever had your system hacked or want to stay safer than ever. Many a times fraudsters have had a field day gaining access to people’s bank details and password to personal information collecting them through disguised fraudulent links . When you are asked to supply confidential information, such as bank account details, PINs or passwords, these details can then be used by the owners of the websites to conduct fraud. Phishing is an act of circumventing security with an alias according to Wiktionary. The company’s Jigsaw unit, a technology incubator created by Google, and currently operated as a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc has created this quiz to take you through some practical examples to avoid falling victim. According to ‘The Verge‘ many of the examples are actually based on real events, such as the massive phishing attempt that hit Google Doc users in 2017 or an email that Russian hackers sent to Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager in 2016. While taking the quiz, you will be free to create a name and email that need not to be real but just to make it “more realistic” they say. “The information won’t leave your device”. I was ‘Zummy’ to play the game. Every step of the game taught me the differences I needed to spot. At the end I spotted 3 of the total correctly (don’t worry there is no report card)  and obviously got better understanding of how phishing works which is the most important part of the exercise. Even if you get all correctly, at the end; you will still learn the expected lessons which is what Google wants for you. Take the quiz here and don’t forget to drop me a line of feedback on this article. I will be glad to hear from you. 0

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